Reproduction and Infertility

Like humans, dogs can have problems to become pregnant and conceive and produce puppies. Since their reproductive system and their reproductive life is shorter than humans, it makes it more imperative to address the cause of the problem. At QCAH we perform blood tests, ultrasound, artificial insemination (trans-vaginal and surgical), ovulation timing test, frozen semen surgical insemination and soon we will have available the TCI (trans-cervical insemination, etc. Dr. Mendez has special interest in Canine Reproduction and he attended several courses and hands-on labs. in the US and several other countries. He has experience working with English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs breeds known to be difficult to reproduce.

Aesthetic Surgery

We have special interest in this area. We perform surgeries like ear crops, ear corrections, etc. you can visit the web site for lots of pictures of our procedures done.

Orthopedic Surgery

We offer the most complete service in traumatology and orthopedic surgical procedures such as the TTA technique, one of the latest surgical solution to repair the Cranial cruciate ligament rupture. For our orthopedic procedures we have as a part of our team Dr. Jose Gorostiza, a well known specialized surgeon with vast experience in small animal surgery.(soft tissue and orthopedic).


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Feedback from our clients

  • "I was impressed with Dr. Mendez’s knowledge and treatment of my puppy. His staff was friendly too. His fees were fair. He has a good client base including many breeders and people who show dogs"
    Mauricio Duran
  • "We have frenchies and will only go to Dr.Mendez. He has done an exceptional job on our dogs and is the best vet we know in Florida, he also has an incredibly caring team that goes above and beyond the norm We won’t trust anyone else but Quality Care Animal Hospital"
    Erica Nicole